The Birth of APRILIOS

| April in greek |
is a sustainable | exclusive vintage & contemporary designers brand, 
located in Thessaloniki, Greece
| Vision |
A Modern Vintage Fashion Era, to empower the definition of 
I. A Contemporary Goddess of Attitude & Aesthetic
Feminine | Fierce | Elegant | Weird | Mysterious | Fun
I. Breaks every single sexist cliché
II. Shows off HER masculine side
III. Obsessed with artsy and/ or intellectual nonsense
IV. Loves | evening gallery visits and dark discotheque parties
| The Path |
APRILIOS is offering Unique hand-picked exclusive vintage garments & contemporary sustainable designers,
to convey to the public the importance of the story behind each one, in order to embrace not just a piece of clothing, but a piece of a movement 
"The Era of Rebirth"
Aligned with the current trends,
is offering a Premium Visual and Aesthetic experience where Fashion meets Art
An intelligent & contemporary Vintage Fashion
A new wearable & quality
Sustainable Couture